We welcome women at Weiss Financial Advisors. 

We want to talk to you. Please ask us questions.

Ask us to explain complex money issues. You have a right to understand before you can take any step.

women_box1Ask us to show your personal options so you can think carefully before you make decisions.

Ask us to test the way each option will likely play out in your life. We analyze your data so you will have the facts you need for informed decisions.

That way you will feel more confident that the decisions you make and the steps you take suit you and the people you love.

We know that you need to trust before you can make a financial decision.

Trust is important when you are making financial decisions. You have to trust the professional you consult and the institution that holds you money. women_box2That is why so many institutions are called Bank and Trust Companies.

You also have to trust yourself. You need to feel confident enough in your own intelligence to ask questions and start the process of consulting a financial professional. Pick a professional carefully. Consult someone who values your intelligence and takes the time to listen, edify, then clarify the key issues to empower you to make excellent decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

As a cultural anthropologist, Wendy Weiss is aware that women are not completely freed from expectations of the past. Many of us retain subtle biases that make financial issues feel uncomfortable.

Some feel that it is improper for women to talk about money. In a survey I conducted with women, I found there were a set of sub-conscious biases inherent in women’s attitudes toward money.

  • We still believe that men should take care of money.
  • We are afraid of risk and loss.
  • We are also afraid we do not know enough
  • We are either afraid we will not have money or we are over-confident that we will continue living just as comfortably as we have for the past 5-10 years.

A hidden bias that men are more knowledgeable affects a lot of women, even women who have risen up the ranks and earn more than their male colleagues. We rely on a father, brother, friend, son or husband to be responsible for our financial security. We just assume these men know what needs to be done.

This insecurity restricts us in so many ways. We perceive ourselves as lacking the knowledge required so we never question whether our husbands or brothers are sufficiently knowledgeable in these areas. Or whether they are overconfident in their ability to manage money.

Research shows that male overconfidence prompts them to take many more risks in finance. Women’s tendency to be more cautious about risk actually makes them better at investing. Women need to recognize the value implicit in our cultural propensity to avoid risk in financial matters.

Our aversion to risk prompts women to be more careful and thoughtful about our money. We think and analyze the options very carefully before we take the next step. We are more guarded in our actions. We are conflicted. Many of us say we do not know enough. We were not taught how to handle money by our parents, our schools, our graduate training. We rarely read the documents or remember what has been decided. We often do not even open the envelopes that come in the mail; so we do not know what assets we have or lost. We may worry that we have not adequately addressed important money issues. (Some wealthy women secretly worry they will be “bag ladies.”)

Commercials now show us that many people have not adequately prepared for their longevity. We want advice. But women’s behavior shows we are conflicted. When, and if, we have an opportunity to meet with an advisor, we hesitate to make an appointment and start the process. Ingrained habits restrain us. Yet we worry that we have not addressed very important money issues.  But, when and if we finally meet an advisor, we do not take action.

Weiss Financial Advisors recognizes the value implicit in women’s cultural propensity to avoid risk in financial matters. Weiss Financial Advisors thinks this is an excellent approach.

You need to understand risk, all types of risk and their impact, before you take action. That is the only prudent way to develop a solid financial plan, and increase your financial security. That is precisely how we work. Weiss Financial Advisors wants to reach out to women. We want to help you understand your hidden biases and how they restrict your ability to improve your financial security. And we want to work with your natural bias to be cautious. We listen to you. We explain simple and complex issues to you. We want you to learn new concepts and work with your “natural” cautious nature to think through the options carefully. We help you practice taking control so you gain confidence along with knowledge. Weiss Financial Advisors expedite this learning process.