A distinctive, deliberative approach with clear benefits for you


When a client faces a key life transition, such as retiring, s/he may want to know what s/he can control to enjoy a bright future. Like other financial planners, our goal is to offer a picture of  the decisions a client can make and their impact over the long term.  Weiss Financial Advisors offers additional benefits.  We show each client that s/he has a lot of options, perhaps more than s/he (or they) had realized before consulting us, that /she can chose.


There is a  third important benefit. Weiss Financial Advisors  take a careful, controlled approach and the time needed to help each client(s) make life changing decisions. We concentrate on the set of unique options each client has and their likely trade-offs Then we run some calculations—using state of the art software– so that the clients can see the probable impact of taking Option #1, for instance, a very risky life decision, as opposed to Option #2,  perhaps a safer one with seemingly less risk. Weiss Financial Advisors do not leave you there, with questions.  We collaborate with you to think through the risks and possibilities.


Our  slower, more controlled approach gives  our clients the ability to explore the probable impact of key, often life changing decisions in the safety of our office. This fourth benefit of our approach  may be the most important for the individual client and/or couple. The client(s) can “make  a  decision” yet only ” take a  risk on paper” even though the stakes are very high. How?  Weiss Financial Advisors runs calculations –and presents them to the client in written form–that are designed to project the probable long term impact of a client’s personal Option 1 as opposed to her/his Option 2. So each client can  think carefully and strategically about the decisions before s/he actually takes a  step that has the potential for changing her/his life irrevocably.  We not only discuss the relative value of each decision. We run calculations to see how these steps will work together over time. We share this knowledge with our client(s) and work with the client(s) helping her/him carefully deliberate about the steps that likely hold the greatest positive impact on their long term security. Only after the client is comfortable with the options and their impact, we organize these steps into a plan.  As a result, our clients comes away from the Weiss Financial Advisors planning process with the knowledge s/he needs and the confidence that her/his plan is likely the best one for her/him (and family).


Benefits for our Clients

  1. A picture of the (probable) long term impact of life changing decisions.
  2. A set of options that the clients may not have considered.
  3. Time required to concentrate on these options and trade-offs. We may have more than one meeting to work with these options and trade-offs.
  4. Analyses of each so that client sees the probable impact of risky option vs safer ones, and trade-offs of each over the long term.
  5. The most important benefit: clients can take chances  in our office discussion, without actually incurring the negative consequences. That is, they can take risks  (say option #2)  on paper only. Weiss Financial Advisors runs calculations to assess the  probable impact of each decision, and the likely impact of the integration of these decisions into a broader plan, before the client acts. As a result, each helps client can develop a strategy  before  s/he  actually makes an irrevocable life change.
  6. In short, Weiss Financial Advisors take a careful, controlled approach and offers our clients  the time needed to help them  make intelligent life changing decisions.