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Your financial questions change as your life changes. The answers change with your age, marital status, and the stage of your career. They differ if you have children or have lost a life partner.


How will you handle these transitions?

Key life transitions have high stakes. The financial decisions you make at each phase can have a broad impact on your life and your financial security in the decades that follow.


Perhaps it is time to consider consulting a financial professional.

If you confer with a professional you can meet the challenges these transitions present with greater knowledge and confidence.


Weiss Financial Advisors offer both to you. We recognize that change is a constant. We use our training and experience to help you think carefully and strategically about these changes and your future. We clarify the questions you can ask, and help you understand that you may have more options than you previously thought. Then we collaborate with you to help you make intelligent decisions and take action that is right for you. That way, you can move confidently through your transition, into the next phase of your life.

Weiss Financial Advisors Serve

Individuals and CouplesIndividuals and couples –at an early stage in their lives and careers,– know they need some guidance. They have questions about saving and debt, as well as building financial security. They are generally highly educated so they understand they also have to think about retirement. But those issue seems to far off. So they delay seeking professional advice. As a result they do not take advantage of one of the most powerful tools they have, time. Weiss Financial Advisors can help them start to act in their own long term self interest and keep them on track for greater security in a changing world.

Small BusinessProfessionals and business owners often do not have the time but do have the money.  They rely on long term planning for their businesses. But they don’t have a solid plan for their own finances and the future of their loved ones. They could turn to a professional, like themselves, to anticipate changes and prepare for, e.g., college costs for a child or a sibling’s child, and more importantly balancing the impact of both  (and maybe a market reversal) for their own long term financial security. Somehow, they just do not get around to working with a professional who will take the time to review their goals, analyze their situation, clarify their options, and so put them in the position to make careful decisions about their own lives and those they love. Weiss Financial Advisors could help them with this process, working with them to help them develop a financial plan customized to meet their needs.

Retirement. Longevity promises so much: many years to enjoy life and the ones you love. But it challenges you, too. You have to fund that joy for 20-30 years after your last paycheck stops.

The stakes are high.

What can you do? A professional can help you clarify the options you have and the trade-offs associated with each one.  Once you, as a client, select a set of options that are right for you (as well as the ones you love),  a professional can help you organize them into a draft plan.

Weiss Financial Advisors offer you more. We allow you  to “take risks on paper” before you actually take a step that can change your life irrevocably.  How?  We run calculations to assess the likely impact of implementing this first draft of your plan. In this process,  you take no real risk.  Our analysis shows you how each part of your draft plan is likely to play out over the next few decades. You can review this analysis, and work with us to revise your first draft plan, deleting the options that pose greater risk while selecting the steps that are likely to provide you greater financial security. As a result, you can develop a retirement plan that meets the challenges of your longevity, at the same time that it increases your financial security, and that of  the ones you love.


Women who are single or facing marriage, a partner’s grave illness, perhaps widowhood, or divorce.

Women often know they need more knowledge about these challenges, but they do not know whom to trust. So they may ask a brother,  father, or a son who may not have the training nor the time, to guide them effectively.

Women who face these key life transitions need an expert who will listen carefully to their unique challenges, then explain (in clear terms) the complex financial issues they are likely to face. The stakes are high, so women need a professional to help them clarify the options open to them, and so give women more control.

Working with a professional at Weiss Financial Advisors, a woman can think carefully and strategically about the impact of sharing income (and debt) in a new marriage, or dividing assets and benefits (accumulated through marriage) if she is facing divorce. She may be able to reduce the negative impact of a life partner’s illness, or the challenges of widowhood on her future financial security. And in each of these cases, a professional can help each woman make decisions that can increase the likelihood that she will be able  to transfer an inheritance to her children. In short, if she works with Weiss Financial Advisors, she can make intelligent decisions that provide greater security for herself and the ones she loves.